No One Loses, or Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance

By | January 4, 2018

Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance – Our Bet

When my wife and I started shopping around for more affordable car insurance, we decided to make a little competition out of it. Finding car insurance isn’t exactly the most fun task in the world so we upped the stakes a bit. Whoever found the best deal won, loser had to cook dinner for a week.

We gave ourselves a one week time limit which wasn’t exactly fair. I work regular business hours and my wife works three night shifts a week at the hospital as a nurse. She had a lot more free time during the day to shop around. Does it sound like I’m making excuses? Probably. But I still say that the rules weren’t exactly fair.

Anyway, the first thing I did was ask around at work who had the cheapest auto insurance. I was a little bit surprised by how willing people were to share this information. Like, everyone pretty much told me exactly what they paid every month. It wasn’t long before I realized that wasn’t really going to tell me anything. After all, everyone had a different car, some people had multiple cars, and so on. So, I lost a whole day thinking I was smart by just asking around first. I thought I’d just go home and look up what I thought was the best deal.

My wife, on the other hand, made her pick on the first evening we’d started the competition. That’s why she said that our scheduled didn’t matter. While I was watching the game and falling asleep on the couch, she was able to find the cheapest policy by spending, like, a half hour online.

So who has the cheapest auto insurance?

She won. Well, she won the contest, in the end we both won because we ended up saving a good amount on our insurance. It was my fault, really, I was going to do the same thing she did when I got home from work with some leads that night. But she beat me to it. She found an awesome deal on very cheap car insurance no deposit online. She’s lucky, I’m not I guess. I was looking for more expensive full coverage insurance plans.

As per our agreement, I began planning the menu for the week. I wasn’t a bad cook but I hated meal planning. Which is why, by the fourth night, my wife suggested we take the money we saved on insurance as treat ourselves to a nice dinner. She’s such a gracious winner, I do have to give her credit. I don’t know if I’d have been so nice about the whole thing. If only I’d decided to search full very cheap car insurance no deposit; then maybe I would have won!