Very Cheap Car Insurance no Deposit – I Forgot About Auto-Renew!

By | July 20, 2017

Has anyone else ever done this, right? You think you’ve budgeted your month perfectly – you know exactly how much you have spare to spend, what to put in your savings, all of that, and then all of a sudden, a huge charge gets taken out?

Yeah, guess who forgot about auto-renew?  Apparently, me of a year ago thought it would be easier than having to think about things in the future, and just said ‘sure, keep charging me’.

I’m kicking myself right now – I could have gotten a much better deal, and I was looking for some very cheap car insurance no deposit ( Found it here:, last week! I figured I’d swap over, not have to pay an upfront amount and save some money in the process. Since no deposit auto insurance is cheaper than regular insurance.

But no, apparently past me thought convenience was the better option. Well, if nothing else, it shows how much I’ve changed in the past year. Last year I was awful at managing my finances -I didn’t know how to find the best deals, and I kind of just kept my head in the sand whenever bills came up. This year I’ve been much better – I’ve learned how to keep track of my expenses, what to look for when taking out new policies or investing in more expensive things, and even started a savings account semi-successfully.

I think that’s why I’m so annoyed by the auto-renew thing – I’d actually planned it all out this time. I’d spent a while looking into the ins and outs of what exactly car insurance is, what it involves and what it covers. I’d worked out exactly what I wanted from my policy too, and unfortunately, the one that’s just renewed isn’t quite what I was hoping for! For a start, it’s got a deposit – which was something I was really hoping to avoid. Even with that, it’s got a much higher premium than some of the ones I found, so that’s another year of more monthly expenses than I was hoping for.

There is one blessing though – apparently past me was worried about having to pay huge sums out of pocket, so the deductible isn’t so bad. Still, I’ve written it on my calendar for next year, and made a note a month in advance so that it doesn’t happen again, and I can actually get the policy I want.